Welcome back, Commander

Welcome back, Commander

I got a present for ya! – Commando

It’s the second half of the ’90s. A global war has broken out. In Commando, take control as GDI commando Marine Captain Jack “Havoc” Sheppard.
Armed to the teeth with a combat knife, a sniper rifle and a bundle of plastic explosives, Jack leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.
This time, it’s personal.

This is a mod for C&C Renegade which restores the original character model of Commando and many pre-release items. The single player mode has been made more difficult.
Please read the included ReadMe file to get started.
Command what is yours. Conquer what is not.

Check out the Arsenal for a big page of C&C fan lore and trivia. Note that not all of the content reflects the Renegade version of the mod.
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Render of Commando
Commando piloting Orca
Picture: ©2000 Westwood Studios/Electronic Arts