Electronic Video Agent database indicates the following:
Jack Sheppard

Occupation: USMC Captain. Commando.
Stats: US. Male. Early 30’s. 185 cm (6’ 1”) – 90 kg (198 lbs) (muscular build) Blue eyes. Brown hair. Small goatee. Tribal tattoos.

Jack “Havoc” Sheppard is unpredictable, a rogue element with a touch of craziness and somewhat sarcastic attitude, he injects a unique energy into every mission he undertakes. Hailing from the South, his distinguishable accent and raspy voice add to his rugged charm. However, despite his formidable skills and undeniable talent, Jack often finds himself facing accusations of nepotism due to his familial ties to Supreme Commander Mark J. Sheppard. Jack understands this burden but refuses to let it define him. He is determined to forge his own path and prove himself through his actions and achievements.

Before joining Global Defense Initiative, Jack honed his skills in the crucible of the United States Marine Corps. Rising through the ranks, he attained the prestigious title of Marine Captain, earning a reputation for fearlessness and resourcefulness. It was during his time in the Marines that Jack cultivated his expertise in stealth and demolitions, making him an exceptional asset in covert operations.

Jack is part of the GDI Elite Forces Unit, a special task force designed for counter-terrorism. As a Commando, his task is to operate behind enemy lines, striking fear into the members of the Brotherhood. Deployed on high-risk missions, he becomes the embodiment of chaos and disruption. Jack possesses a distinct quality that immediately catches the eye – an uncanny ability to shoot left-handed. Jack’s unorthodox methods and daredevil nature have earned him a reputation for wreaking havoc on the battlefield, leading to nicknames such as “Havoc” and “Rambo.” And while some may consider these labels to be an understatement, GDI acknowledges his unmatched competence and the results he consistently delivers.

While GDI recognizes Jack’s undeniable competence, they also tread cautiously, fully aware of the destruction he can unleash in the pursuit of victory. They value his unconventional methods and resolve to completing missions, but they also grapple with the challenge of containing the mayhem that often follows in his wake.

With an arsenal of specialized skills and an unyielding determination, Jack fearlessly plunges into the heart of danger, leveraging his expertise to dismantle enemy defenses and neutralize high-value targets. His brash and audacious approach has the potential to turn the tide, but it also carries a level of unpredictability that keeps his superiors on their toes.

Despite the occasional raised eyebrows and the challenges he poses to GDI’s operations, Jack’s undeniable prowess in the field ensures that he remains an indispensable asset to the Elite Forces Unit. His ability to think on his feet, adapt to changing circumstances, and unleash controlled chaos makes him a force that Nod dreads and fellow men respect.

Jack “Havoc” Sheppard’s reputation as a rogue element with a penchant for chaos is more than justified. He thrives in the midst of danger, embracing the chaos as a canvas for his unique style of warfare. Whether his superiors appreciate his methods or struggle to contain his wild spirit, Jack continues to prove that sometimes, a touch of havoc is just what is needed to achieve victory.
See also: Commando (GDI)

Yo! Let’s blow shit up and kick some Nod ass. Yeah, give ’em hell! It’s time rock ‘n roll!

GDI Commando Sheppard
Elite Forces Unit

Occupation: GDI elite soldiers.

The GDI Elite Forces Unit, which is made up of the best and most skilled warriors, leads the charge against terrorism and international instability. These top-notch commandos are tasked with carrying out dangerous missions behind enemy lines.

Only the most skilled soldiers are granted membership in the Elite Forces Unit. They are personally chosen by Lt. General James Solomon, a GDI Commander, a skilled tactician with a sharp eye for talent and a thorough understanding of the requirements of unconventional warfare. In order to further the cause of world peace, Solomon is looking for people who have a special mix of remarkable abilities, steadfast determination, and unshakeable commitment.

Aspiring soldiers must exhibit an excellent level of physical fitness and athleticism in order to be accepted for the Elite Forces Unit. They must be skilled in a variety of areas, including hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and tactical maneuvers. As these warriors must seamlessly merge with their peers to carry out difficult operations with accuracy, teamwork is essential.

The Elite Forces Unit does not accept applicants only on the basis of physical ability. Equally important is mental toughness. Prospective commandos are subjected to in-depth psychological assessments to gauge their level of flexibility, resilience, and problem-solving skills. They must have a sharp mind and the capacity to act swiftly, making decisions that can make the difference between success and failure in a split second.

The principles of openness to learning, ongoing progress, and unrelenting pursuit of perfection are embodied by members of the Elite Forces Unit. They participate in comprehensive training programs that provide them access to cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated warfare strategies, and intelligence gathering abilities. The Commando are experts of stealth, able to get into hostile areas undetected, gather crucial information, and eliminate enemies with exacting surgical precision.

For the Elite Forces Unit, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Only a small number of people in GDI’s high command are aware of their existence, and their operations are shrouded in secrecy. Because of their covert nature, they are able to act quickly and forcefully, surprising their adversaries and foiling Nod’s schemes before they can be implemented.


Occupation: Physicist. Geneticist. Chemist. All-around scientist. World-renowned expert on the subject of Tiberium.
Stats: Germany. Male. Late 40’s. 175 cm (5’9”) – 66 kg (145 lbs). Brown eyes. Blonde hair.

Regarded as one of the most intelligent men on the entire planet, Dr. Richard Heinrich Möbius operates mentally an order of magnitude ahead of the rest of the world.

Growing up in a German city marked by the scars of WWII, Dr. R.H. Möbius saw the devastating consequences of conflict and the urgent need for technological advancements to ensure humanity’s survival. This realization, combined with his insatiable thirst for knowledge, led him to pursue a career in scientific research.

As a prodigious student, Möbius excelled in his academic pursuits, graduating with top honors from the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. His insatiable curiosity and natural talent for problem-solving propelled him to pursue advanced studies in the United States, where he earned his Ph.D. in Applied Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Despite his reclusive nature, Dr. Möbius became a figure of fascination within the scientific community, with rumors swirling about his eccentricities and brilliant mind.

His remarkable achievements did not go unnoticed by the Global Defense Initiative, which sought to harness Dr. Möbius’s brilliance for the betterment of humanity. Aside from being the world’s foremost expert on the subject of Tiberium, Dr. Möbius is also GDI’s chief scientific advisor. He strongly believes that Tiberium has the potential to change the world forever.

The origins of Tiberium, and its actual purpose still remain a mystery to the field of Science.

Dr. Möbius

Occupation: Scientist. Weapon Systems Engineer.
Stats: Hong Kong. Male. Late 30’s. 172 cm (5’7”) – 69 kg (152 lbs). Black eyes. Black hair.

A colleague of Dr. Möbius, Dr. Wong Hu Chan leads GDI’s Weapons Research and Development team, which is currently tasked with a top secret project codenamed “Akira”. The goal of the project is to build the ultimate defense for GDI that can neutralize any threats in a matter of seconds.

Over the course of several years, Dr. Chan and his team embarked on a journey of innovation and experimentation. They must overcome countless challenges, from harnessing the immense energy required to power the cannon to designing a system capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of space.

Growing up in a city bustling with free trade and rapid growth, Dr. Chan was captivated by the fusion of science and engineering. Driven by a will to make a meaningful impact on global defense, Dr. Chan furthered his education with a Ph.D. in Directed Energy Systems at the renowned California Institute of Technology. It was during this time that his research interests aligned with GDI’s intentions to develop a revolutionary weapon system capable of protecting against escalating threats.

We are going to have to act. The ever-increasing danger of nuclear proliferation by the Brotherhood of Nod must be countered by swift and decisive action to prevent the loss of innocent human lives. We have the technology.

Dr. Chan

Occupation: GDI Air Forces Colonel. Pilot.
Stats: Italy. Female. Early 30’s. 164 cm (5’3”) – 59 kg (130 lbs). Black eyes. Black hair.

Colonel Maria Olivia Morelli (Call sign: Olive) is in charge of all GDI air operations, including the Flying Hogs Squadron.
Growing up near an airbase, Morelli was captivated by the sight and sound of aircraft soaring through the sky. Inspired by her father, a former Axis pilot, she harbored a deep fascination with flight and a burning desire to conquer the skies for peace. Her father may have been in the wrong, but she will make things right.

She was the first person to conduct tests with the Orca Assault Craft, a new and advanced GDI VTOL fighter jet that combines helicopter and jet capabilities into a single aircraft.

Morelli is notable in that, despite her soft and charming appearance, she is a professional who has been trained to perform under pressure. One of GDI’s top gun pilots, she is the ace up GDI airforces’ sleeve.

Hey Sir! This is Colonel Morelli, Flying Hogs Squadron. Wanna know? The A-10 is one “hog” of a machine – they built the aircraft around the cannon, not the other way round as usual. When Noddies hear it comin’, it’s too late for them. Ciao!

Colonel Morelli

Occupation: GDI Intelligence Operative. Spy.
Stats: France. Male. Late 30’s. 178 cm (5’10”)- 70 kg (154 lbs). Black eyes. Black hair. Mustache.

Agent Rubyor Delphi (codename), a shadowy figure and skilled operative, operates within the ranks of the Global Defense Initiative as an Intelligence operative and spy. His main objective is to gather critical information on the whereabouts of Kane, the elusive leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, and uncover concrete evidence of Nod’s purported Tiberium research.

Delphi’s missions will take him to the darkest corners of the world, where he infiltrates terrorist cells, gathering vital intelligence, and conduction of covert operations with utmost precision.

Despite the dangers and sacrifices, Agent Delphi continues his mission, tirelessly tracking Kane’s movements, unraveling Nod’s clandestine activities, and ensuring that the truth about Tiberium research sees the light of day. His strong commitment, unmatched skills, and indomitable spirit make him a critical asset in the ongoing struggle against the Brotherhood of Nod.

His true identity remains a mystery, known only to a select few. Some rumors suggest that Delphi is an amalgamation of multiple agents, further adding to his mystique.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. The intel I’ve acquired inside is amazing. I’ll report my findings and return.

Agent Delphi

Occupation: Colonel. Field Commander.
Stats: US. Male. Early 30’s. 174 cm (5’8”) – 69 kg (158 lbs). Brown eyes. Black hair.

Colonel John Chuck Carter, a seasoned soldier and esteemed field commander, serves within the ranks of the Global Defense Initiative in charge of coordinating GDI’s frontier forces. Born in Nevada, J.C. Carter’s path towards becoming a distinguished military leader began with an unyielding sense of duty and a burning desire to protect humanity from the escalating threats of the modern world.

He will provide additional support to other Commanders when things heat up. He will serve as Commander Solomon’s deputy if the Electronic Video Agent link to Supreme Commander Sheppard is disrupted.

Good job out there, Sir. But there is still much to do. They won’t give up that easily.

Colonel Carter

Occupation: Lieutenant-General. Second in Command, Operations Officer.
Stats: US. Male. Late 30’s. 187 cm (6′ 2″) – 84 kg (185 lbs). Dark blue eyes. Black hair, short and curly.

Lt. General James Solomon is regarded by many people to be among the top strategists in the world. If there is someone who can defeat Kane and his forces once and for all, the one to do it might be Solomon. As long as he keeps his cool, GDI has a chance. He will fight, win, and prevail.

He receives orders from Mark J. Sheppard through audiovisual transmissions from Electronic Video Agent, a military computer program with an advanced female voice synthesizer designed to assist with making informed strategic decisions and visualize the battlefield with real-time alerts. Solomon aspires to be the supreme commander of GDI one day.

We must put an end to the madman known as Kane. Who knows if humanity as we know it will continue to exist if we do not. A Tiberian future is unimaginable.

GDI Commander Solomon
Mark J. Sheppard

Occupation: Chief of Staff, United Nations Military Command
Stats: US. Male. Early 40’s. 180 cm (5′ 11″) – 80 kg (176 lbs). Brown eyes. Brown hair.

GDI Brigadier-General Mark Jamison Sheppard commands from his secret headquarters during the ongoing war. Known to some as the Golden Boy of international diplomacy, Mark J. Sheppard’s career rose to prominence when he was selected as the Supreme Commander of the Global Defense Initiative at the dawn of most catastrophic wars known to man today. Born into a military family in a small town in upstate New York, Sheppard developed an early interest with peacekeepers and their determination to protect the innocent.

As a rookie commander in the Middle East, Sheppard witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of global instability and the threat posed by violent non-state actors. This experience fueled his desire to protect humanity from all forms of aggression, laying the foundation for his unshaken commitment to the United Nations.

Recalling his grandfather’s stories of valor and sacrifice of World War II drive Sheppard’s ambition, and it is clear that Sheppard has a unique blend of strategic acumen and perseverance.

No rest for the wicked. It saddens me that people in the Brotherhood of Nod are nothing but diehard terrorists.

GDI Supreme Commander Sheppard

Occupation: United Nations Secretary of Defense
Stats: Italy. Male. Early 60’s. 172 cm (5′ 8″) – 68 kg (150 lbs). Green eyes. Black hair. Sideburns.

Dr. Charles Olivetti, UN Secretary of Defense, is responsible for regulating GDI’s activities and connections with the rest of the world. He is remarkable by his unwavering commitment to diplomacy, collaboration, and the pursuit of peaceful resolutions, he understood that true security lay not in the presence of weapons, but in the establishment of trust, understanding, and common goals among nations.

He has faced numerous challenges, from regional conflicts to emerging threats in the realms of cybersecurity and asymmetric warfare. However, he met each challenge head-on, utilizing his strategic acumen and diplomatic finesse to de-escalate tensions, broker peace agreements, and advocate for international cooperation.

Beyond his role as Secretary of Defense, Dr. Olivetti is also a vocal advocate for humanitarian efforts, recognizing the importance of addressing the root causes of conflicts and the necessity of supporting vulnerable populations affected by violence and instability.

His belief in the power of diplomacy and collaboration continues to guide the United Nations and the international community in their pursuit of a more harmonious and secure world.

The free world has gone out of its way to offer a olive branch to the Nod regime – a gesture refused time and again. Though the technology is within our reach, the Global Defense Initiative has voluntarily renounced all forms of nuclear competition to assure peace among the European communities afflicted by the Nod crisis. Innocent lives need not be lost to eliminate this terrorist organization known as The Brotherhood.

Secretary of Defense Dr. Olivetti

Occupation: Libyan Nod Tribe Leader
Stats: East Africa. Male. Late 30’s. 162 cm (5′ 3″) – 90 kg (199 lbs). Brown eyes. Brown hair. Sunglasses.

Brother Felix Nikoomba, a petty Nod tribal leader, has found himself caught in a perilous situation as he is entrusted with the crucial mission of rallying civilians for an uprising in a small Libyan village. His dedication to Nod’s cause is unquestionable, but suspicions have arisen within the ranks that he might harbor sympathies for GDI, the sworn enemy of Nod.

Despite the doubts surrounding his allegiance, Brother Felix remains committed the Brotherhood’s vision. He understands the weight of his responsibility and the importance of mobilizing the villagers to rise against their oppressors. He sets out on his mission, navigating the delicate balance between gaining the trust of the people and avoiding the watchful eyes of Nod’s leadership. He recognizes the pain of the villagers endure under the oppressive regime and believes that the time for change has come.

However, as news of his supposed sympathies reach the ears of Nod’s higher-ups, Brother Felix’s campaign becomes increasingly at risk. He finds himself constantly under scrutiny, his every move and interaction scrutinized for signs of betrayal. The tension escalates, and the line between trust and suspicion grows thinner by the day.

He knows that any misstep or perceived betrayal could not only jeopardize his own life but also compromise the entire uprising.
As the day of the uprising approaches, Brother Felix becomes a symbol of hope and resilience among the villagers. They see him as their obelisk, someone who genuinely cares about their plight and is willing to risk everything for their freedom.

Not all those who travel the Land of Nod are truly lost.

Brother Nikoomba

Occupation: WWN Newscaster for Nod’s anti-GDI propaganda.
Stats: Canada. Male. Early 30’s. 168 cm (5′ 6″) – 63 kg (139 lbs). Brown eyes. Black hair.

Greg Burdette is a newscaster for WWN, a media outlet affiliated with the Brotherhood of Nod. With a distinctive voice and a captivating on-screen presence, Burdette plays a pivotal role in disseminating anti-GDI propaganda and shaping public opinion in favor of Nod’s cause.

Initially he pursued a career in journalism with a genuine belief in the power of media to inform and inspire positive change. However, as the world became embroiled in the conflict between GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod, Burdette’s perspective began to shift. Drawn to the charismatic leadership of Kane, Burdette saw an opportunity to lend his talents to what he perceived as a just cause – a cause that challenged the established order and sought to give a voice to the poor and the marginalized.

Embracing his new role as a newscaster for WWN, Burdette adopted a more provocative and persuasive approach to journalism. His magnetic presence and eloquent delivery allows him to captivate audiences worldwide, disseminating Nod’s narrative with subtlety and finesse.

Burdette’s broadcasts are carefully crafted to undermine the legitimacy of GDI and promote Nod’s ideology. Through cleverly selected stories, manipulated facts, and artful rhetoric, he sought to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of viewers, questioning the motives and actions of GDI.

Burdette firmly believes that his work is crucial in highlighting the injustices perpetuated by the GDI and bringing attention to the vision of Technology of Peace.

Yesterday, a peaceful village. Today, a slaughterhouse. What did these innocent peasants do to deserve the treachery of GDI’s twisted blade? This is Greg Burdette, WWN, near the border of Romania.

Reporter Burdette
The Black Hand

Occupation: Nod elite cadre of assassins.

A legendary collective of elite assassins known as The Black Hand. These chosen few bear the mark of Kane, for they are his personal guard and enforcers. Among the ranks of The Black Hand, only those with unparalleled combat abilities and unshakeable faith in the cause of Nod are granted entry.

Handpicked by Nod Commander General Gideon Raveshaw, the members of The Black Hand are carefully selected from the most zealous and devoted followers of the Brotherhood. Named after the Serbian liberation movement in Sarajevo, their very presence instills fear. To be deemed worthy of Kane’s blessings and grace is a distinction earned by few.

Those chosen undergo an arduous and grueling training program that pushes the boundaries of their physical and mental capabilities.
The trials faced by potential recruits are ruthless, and many who seek to join The Black Hand arrive in a body bag. Those who do make it through are often scarred, bearing the marks of their trials. Yet, it is through this test that they earn the right to don the mantle of The Black Hand and become an official member.

Once initiated into the ranks, the members of The Black Hand are no longer mere individuals. They are transformed into a cohesive unit, bound by loyalty and devotion to the Brotherhood’s cause. Striking from the shadows, their actions are a paragon to their skill and dedication to Kane.

In the name of Kane!

The Black Hand
The Netrunners

Occupation: Nod cyberwarfare hackers.
Stats: ¡̶̪̤͉̰̅̈́̈͌E̶̺̔̑̎R̵̜̤̤͉̖̐͛R̸̜̯͖̦̺͌̈̀O̵͓̥̗͆͂Ŕ̷̻̠͎̟̑̂͝!̶̥̏͂ͅ ̵̻̜͚̌̋̆̒͘D̶̗͍͙̩̑̾͐͊A̵̜̦̥͗T̷̠͈̈́́A̸̰͍̔͗̀̃͝_̶̼͔̆͒C̸̥̪̏̿Ǫ̷̹̬͔̻̚R̸̨͓͕̻̣̈́́̕͝R̵͖̤̱̊̕U̸̱̲͙͌̔̆́̂P̵͔͠T̷̨̢̟̳̳͑̈́̍̉

In the invisible world of cyber warfare, the Brotherhood of Nod has harnessed a formidable arsenal of technological prowess to disrupt the flow of data and undermine Global Defense Initiative’s digital infrastructure. Through the use of cutting-edge brain-computer interfaces, they have unlocked the ability to upload their consciousness (the so-called “Ghost”) into the virtual realm, enabling their elite operatives, known as the Netrunners, to project themselves into the online world and wage a silent war against GDI. However, the risk of exposure looms over, as the anti-hacking software employed by GDI can detect and neutralize such intrusions, potentially frying their brains.

Among the ranks of Nod’s cyber warriors, Ed, operating under the pseudonym “The Conqueror,” stands as a master infiltrator and information thief. Gifted with unparalleled hacking skills, Ed can stealthily breach GDI’s secure systems, stealing encrypted information with finesse. His expertise allows him to manipulate data between Electronic Video Agent (EVA) channels, resulting in disruptive Out of Sync errors that plague GDI users of Electronic Video Agent software. Through these subtle manipulations, Ed sows disorder and chaos, undermining GDI’s operations and leaving them vulnerable to Nod’s schemes.

Ian the Jester Malcolm, is a mathematical genius who specializes in developing advanced anti-GDI hacking toolkits. His unparalleled understanding of complex algorithms and encryption systems allows him to create sophisticated software that empowers Nod’s followers in their cyber operations. Ian’s toolkits serve as powerful weapons in the hands of Nod operatives, allowing them to bypass GDI’s defenses and exploit vulnerabilities within their digital infrastructure. By constantly staying one step ahead of GDI’s countermeasures, Ian ensures that Nod maintains its edge in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber warfare.

And then there’s Frank the Mechanical Man, who brings a personal approach to Nod’s cyberwarfare efforts. Armed with an electric guitar and an array of drum sets, Frank utilizes his musical talents to execute devastating Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. By manipulating sound waves and frequencies, he unleashes powerful sonic disruptions that jam GDI’s communications systems, leaving their forces disoriented and unable to coordinate effectively. Frank’s unorthodox methods not only demonstrate Nod’s resourcefulness but also put confusion into the minds of GDI operatives who never guessed such a musical instrument could be wielded as a weapon even in the warfare of today.

Together, Ed, Ian, and Frank form a formidable triad within Nod’s cyber warfare division. Their collective expertise, honed within the vast expanse of the digital realm, allows the Brotherhood to disrupt the flow of data, infiltrate secure networks, and strike at the heart of GDI’s operations. By projecting their consciousness into the online world, the Netrunners embody Nod’s commitment to subverting GDI’s dominance in the digital landscape.

However, GDI is not blind to the threat posed by Nod’s cyber warriors. Their best minds tirelessly work to bolster their cyber defenses, developing advanced anti-hacking software and implementing robust security measures. The battle for digital supremacy rages on, as Nod’s Netrunners continuously adapt their tactics, stay one step ahead of GDI’s countermeasures, and exploit the ever-changing vulnerabilities within their digital infrastructure.

In the hidden realm of cyberspace, where data flows like rivers and information is power, The Conqueror, The Jester Malcolm, and The Mechanical Man represent Nod’s relentless pursuit of technological superiority. They serve as the silent hands striking from the shadows, disrupting GDI’s operations, and ensuring that the Brotherhood’s influence extends beyond the confines of the physical battlefield. The outcome of this hidden war will shape the fate of the conflict, as Nod’s cyber warriors continue to push the boundaries of technology and exploit the vulnerabilities of their adversaries.

Let’s jack in. They’ll have no idea what struck them.


Occupation: Former Yakuza enforcer. Spy. Agent. Assassin-for-hire. Psyop officer.
Stats: Japan. Female. Mid-20’s. 173 cm (5’8”) – 52 kg (115 lbs). Black eyes. Black hair. Japanese tattoos.

Sakura Obata, codenamed Black Widow, like Jack “Havoc” Sheppard, places personal loyalty at a premium. She has a quiet, brooding, intense personality.
She is also an accomplished martial artist, acrobat, and a master of stealth.

Much about Sakura’s past is speculative. It is rumored that she was raised in the harsh, male dominated environment of the Yakuza, a brutal Japanese criminal organization where failure was not an option. She supposedly grew disenchanted with the Yaks, and eventually began to seek other arenas for her considerable talents.

GDI hired her to work alongside Havoc for Operation Shadow Strike. While on tour of duty, she became separated from her team. A group of Nod soldiers ambushed her; Sakura was never seen again, and was presumed to have been killed in the firefight. The loss of Sakura struck a heavy blow to GDI, leaving a void that was not easily filled.

Yet, conflicting reports emerged, casting doubt on Sakura’s fate. Whispers in the shadows spoke of her survival and a surprising allegiance shift. These murmurs suggested that she had resurfaced, this time working alongside the enigmatic Brotherhood of Nod, drawn to their compelling promises and the temptation of their abundant resources.

The truth regarding Sakura’s current allegiance remains veiled, causing speculation and concern within GDI’s ranks. If she indeed joined the Brotherhood, it would be a devastating blow, as her intimate knowledge of GDI’s tactics and operations could prove to be a formidable weapon in the hands of their enemies.

You ain’t afraid of no ghosts, right? Surprised? I’ve been watching you for a while. My loyalty lies to the highest bidder. GDI or Nod, what’s the difference? Sayonara!


Occupation: Assassin. Former citizen of Colombia. Wanted by INTERPOL for acts of terrorism.
Stone-cold killer. Arsonist. No compunction. No mercy. No feelings.
Stats: Colombia. Male. Early 30’s. 190 cm (6’3”) – 86 kg (190 lbs). Black eyes. Black hair, usually worn long. Severe scarring. Mustache and beard.

To Carlos Mendoza, killing is an art form, something he has taken to sublime levels.
Killing for the Brotherhood is simply placing his cards with the winning team.
When the dust and debris settle, Mendoza fully plans to be sitting comfortably.

A former operator with an extremist wing of the Colombian separatist movement – the Sword of Chagall.
Mendoza joined the Brotherhood of Nod when his methods became too bloody for even the most hardcore extremists.
Mendoza is Raveshaw’s hatchet man. He is loyal to his master and the Brotherhood, unto death.

He operates with a chilling efficiency, executing his orders without remorse or second thought. His reputation precedes him, instilling mortal fear to anyone who tries to get past him.

Mendoza is a master of deception and manipulation, seamlessly blending into any environment to carry out his missions with deadly precision. His understanding of human nature allows him to exploit weaknesses of the mind and infiltrate defenses. Like a shadow, he moves through the darkest corners of the world, leaving nothing but mutilated corpses behind.

For Mendoza, killing is not simply a means to an end; it is a demonstration of his mastery and an expression of his loyalty to General Raveshaw. He takes pride in his artistry, meticulously planning each strike and savoring the day’s execution. His actions serve as a reminder to all who witness his work that The Black Hand is an unstoppable force, willing to employ any means necessary to achieve their goals.

A testament to the unwavering devotion and lethal capabilities of the Brotherhood of Nod, with his unmatched skills and unwavering loyalty, he stands as a loyal instrument in Raveshaw’s hands. His name is whispered in hushed tones, as a messenger of death and an angel of destruction that serves as a warning to all who attempt to stand against the Brotherhood.
Supplemental data available for eyes only: (INTERPOL, File ISH#14:11)

Pain and pleasure are both two sides of the same coin. As the world burns, I’ll be the one seated on the front row and enjoying the carnage. Squirm GDI maggots, squirm! Peace through Power!


Occupation: General. Commanding Officer.
Stats: North Africa. Male. Mid 40’s. 183 cm (6’0′) – 95 kg (210 lbs) (pure muscle). Black eyes. Black hair. Scars. Thick beard.

General Gideon Raveshaw puts the slick in killer and the manacles in sadist. As cold-blooded and unforgiving as they come, Raveshaw supervises with a precise and hardcore chain of command. Good looking and smooth as silk, his charisma is as much an asset as his brilliant mind.

Raveshaw personally assembled the elite cadre of Nod assassins collectively known as The Black Hand. This group of highly trained and deadly operatives is tasked with protecting Kane, the indomitable leader of the Brotherhood. Under Raveshaw’s watchful eye, their skills are honed to perfection, ensuring the success of every mission.

Raveshaw’s dedication to Kane is matched only by his track record of maintaining the security and dominance of Nod.
To this day he oversees kidnappings, assassinations, terrorist acts, and all the other items in the bag of assorted dirty tricks Nod is accustomed to executing. Raveshaw is a spymaster, a soldier and a force to be reckoned with.

General Raveshaw’s strategic genius is complemented by his physical strength and excellence proven in combat. He commands directly from the frontier, inspiring Brothers with his relentless determination and resolve. His presence on the battlefield is both fearsome and awe-inspiring, instilling a sense of authority and loyalty among his disciples. With him Nod’s grip on power remains unyielding, and those who dare to oppose will face a swift and merciless fate.

The infidels at GDI command do not realize they are merely pawns in a game of global Chess, ignorant to the fact they have been toyed with by New World Order. The True Prophet has lead us to the Dawn, tomorrow it will be the Sun. A Tiberian Sun, if you will.

Nod Commander Raveshaw

Occupation: Second in Command. Kane’s right hand.
Stats: Origin unknown. Male. Age unknown. 170 cm (5’7′) – 64 kg (141 lbs). Black eyes. Brown hair. Small goatee.

Brother Seth, a figure shrouded in mystery and power, serves as the right hand of Kane, as he said it: “Seth. Just Seth. From God, to Kane, to Seth”. Seth is in in charge of relaying Kane’s orders to the various members of the Brotherhood through Electronic Video Agent, which Netrunners pirated from an unsecured GDI communications site.

Nothing is known about Seth’s life and origins. However, it is believed that he was born into a life of hardship and adversity, growing up in a world plagued by inequality, corruption, and societal unrest.

Seth’s influence extends to all aspects of Nod’s operations. His strategic genius, combined with a ruthless pragmatism, allows General Gideon Raveshaw to orchestrate devastating attacks on GDI forces, undermine their global influence, and exploit their weaknesses. He meticulously plans Nod’s campaigns, ensures the loyalty of Nod’s followers, and will eliminate any internal threat challenging his position.

While Seth’s methods may appear drastic, he sees them as necessary to achieve Nod’s ultimate goal – the liberation of fellow Brothers from the perceived oppression of GDI and spreading the gospel of Peace through Power.
Supplemental data available for eyes only: (INTERPOL, File GEN#4:25)

Before you can truly shape the future, you must first possess the past.

Brother Seth

Occupation: Self-appointed leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. Messiah/Prophet.
Stats: Origin unknown. Male. Age unknown. 180 cm (5’11’) – 75 kg (165 lbs). Brown eyes. Signature brown goatee. Bald.

Kane – the man, the myth, the legend. Charismatic and calculating as ever, his presence captivates the minds of both his loyal followers and his adversaries. With a conviction and an aura of authority, Kane’s vision is to reshape the world and usher mankind into a new era, one driven by the Technology of Peace.

As a man of immense influence and power, Kane understands the importance of personal protection. Among his many possessions, he favors the Israeli-made 44. Magnum Desert Eagle, a legendary handgun renowned for its exceptional quality, precision, and formidable stopping power. The weapon serves as both a symbol of his authority and a practical means of defense in a world teetering on the edge of chaos.

Legends surrounding Kane’s origins abound, perpetuated by whispers and speculation. Unverified reports and ancient myths suggest that he has walked the earth since Biblical times, reinforcing rumors of his immortality. Some even claim him to be a son of God, or an otherworldly being beyond mere mortal comprehension. Though these claims defy rationality and defy proof, they have seeped into the collective consciousness, further enhancing Kane’s mystique.

What sets Kane apart from ordinary mortals is not just his alleged immortality, but his unparalleled intelligence. With an intelligence quotient that surpasses any known measure, Kane possesses a formidable intellect and a strategic brilliance that leaves even the brightest minds in awe. His ability to foresee events, anticipate his opponents’ moves, and manipulate situations to his advantage is uncanny. It is this extraordinary intellect that has allowed him to orchestrate Nod’s rise to power and challenge the supremacy of the Global Defense Initiative.

However, beyond the speculative claims and supernatural aura, it is the unwavering faith of his devoted followers that truly sets Kane apart. He has amassed a loyal following, individuals who believe in his cause with an intensity that transcends rationality. Kane’s ability to inspire unwavering loyalty stems from his magnetic charisma and his seemingly innate ability to tap into the deepest desires and frustrations of his followers. To them, he is not just a leader; he is a symbol of hope, a beacon of change, and the embodiment of a better future.

Despite the skepticism and resistance he faces from GDI forces and those who question his motives, Kane’s influence continues to grow. His followers, driven by unshakable faith and a shared vision, are willing to go to great lengths to fulfill the Commandments of Kane and bring about the promised era of peace through advanced technology.
Supplemental data available for eyes only: (INTERPOL, File GEN#4:16)

GDI and the Brotherhood view the benefits… and the threats of Tiberium differently. They see a scientific anomaly, a curiosity.
I see the future. In their stubborn ignorance, they continue to try and forestall this future.


Other Personnel and Entities

Electronic Video Agent

Occupation: Artificial Intelligence program.
Stats: US. Female. Other aspects are not applicable.

The Electronic Video Agent (EVA for short) is a revolutionary military computer application in the arena of modern combat, where information and technology are crucial. EVA, created by Adamcorp, transforms tactical decision-making and combat awareness by giving commanders real-time alerts and visualizations.

EVA is fundamentally a highly developed artificial intelligence program created to help military leaders analyze enormous volumes of data and transform that data into useful insight. Its graphical user interface (GUI) displays the battlefield in a thorough and simple manner, enabling commanders to analyze the situation, spot potential dangers, and craft strategic plans with accuracy.

EVA’s interface is optimized for ease of use, utilizing familiar input methods such as a keyboard and mouse to navigate through its array of functions and features. This ensures that commanders can swiftly access the information they need, making split-second decisions in the heat of battle.

One of the standout features of EVA is its advanced voice synthesizer. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, EVA’s female voice is carefully designed to strike a balance between calmness and alertness. The soothing yet authoritative tone serves to keep commanders focused and composed, delivering critical updates and situational analysis in a manner that enhances decision-making under intense pressure.

Recognizing the need for downtime amidst the chaos of war, EVA offers additional features to aid in maintaining morale and mental acuity. A built-in music player allows commanders to select and play their favorite tunes during periods of relative calm, such as while waiting for construction or logistical processes to be completed. This subtle touch of personalization and entertainment helps foster a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, ensuring commanders remain sharp and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

EVA’s features go beyond real-time visuals and audio support, as well. In order to give commanders an unmatched level of situational awareness, it seamlessly interfaces with other military systems, accessing a huge network of sensors, surveillance feeds, and communication channels. EVA serves as a central hub, gathering data and providing it to decision-makers in a clear and timely manner. It does everything from tracking the movement of friendly and hostile forces to monitoring the status of essential resources.

Battlefield Assessment Complete. Building. Unit Ready.

Electronic Video Agent
Nancy Griffith

Occupation: United States Attorney-General.
Stats: US. Female. Late 50’s. 187 cm (6’1”) – 80 kg (176 lbs). Brown eyes. Brown hair.

A lady of status and stature, Nancy Griffith is the first woman to hold the position of Attorney-General in the United States. Known for her integrity, courage, and unshaken commitment to justice for all, Griffith has led several high-profile cases, including an investigation to series of Nod terrorist bombings near American Embassies.

Despite facing harsh criticism and objections, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of the truth and the rule of law. She had been the intended victim of an assassination attempt after receiving a letter containing spores from a Tiberium Blossom Tree. The mail read: “Praise to Kane – The Technology of Peace”.

Her ongoing legacy as a dedicated public servant and champion for equality gives inspiration for the ace attorneys of tomorrow.

I realized a long time ago that allowing fear of the Brotherhood of Nod to rule my career would be a liability. And I am not afraid.

Attorney-General Griffith
Honoré Prichard

Occupation: President of France.
Stats: France. Male. Mid 60’s. 192 cm (6’2”) – 95 kg (209 lbs). Brown eyes. Black hair.

The President of France is Honoré Prichard, a renowned politician. Known for his strong personality and his commitment to advancing French interests on the global stage, Prichard has a key role in the advancement of European Communities, advocating for a stronger and more united Europe to prevent world wars from ever occurring again.

A vocal critic of Global Defense Initiative owing to their deployment of primarily US-made military hardware, which gained him widespread international notoriety. Despite his many achievements, Prichard’s presidential start has been marred by numerous legal troubles, but he remains a towering figure in French politics and a respected voice.

While we turn a blind eye, our home is under attack. The Earth and humanity are in jeopardy, and Tiberium is to blame. Nature is mutating rapidly and being abused for resources to the point that it can no longer return to normal.

President Prichard
Robert Fielding

Occupation: President of the United States. Commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.
Stats: US. Male. Early 50’s. 189 cm (6’2”) – 101 kg (223 lbs). Blue eyes. Black hair.

Robert Fielding is a charismatic and controversial leader as who has been the President of the United States since 1993. Known for his sharp intellect, natural charm, and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Fielding has presided over a period of relative peace and prosperity in the United States, overseeing a booming economy and a number of landmark legislative achievements, including working leave policies and free trade agreements.

The President has recently been in the headlines, with the latest incident involving a sex scandal with his personal secretary. He firmly denied the allegations, issuing an official statement to channel W3N: “I did not have relations with that woman.” His cover was blown when the secretary was discovered to be pregnant, much to the dismay of First Lady Hilly Fielding. The investigation is still ongoing.

We will lend our strength to GDI. If we can put aside our differences, humanity will unite everyone as equals.

President Fielding
Helmut Bierman

Occupation: Chancellor of Germany.
Stats: Germany. Male. Mid 60’s. 193 cm (6’3”) – 88 kg (194 lbs). Brown eyes. Gray hair, balding.

As the head of the German government for many years, Chancellor Helmut Bierman is a significant figure in German politics. He is highly recognized for having presided over the unification of Germany after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989; this historic accomplishment continues to be one of his career’s defining moments.

Bierman is a fervent supporter of European unification who has contributed to the formation of European Communities and laid the groundwork for the use of a common currency worldwide. The Chancellor’s future as a statesman and a uniting force in German and European politics remains strong, and his accomplishments continue to be noteworthy despite controversy and political failures.

Not only those of us in Europe, but all of us, need Global Defense Initiative. And we Germans need GDI more than anybody else. Germany has the longest border, the most neighbors, and is the most populous and economically significant country in Europe.

Chancellor Bierman
Francis Wetherill

Occupation: Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Stats: Scotland. Male. Early 40’s. 183 cm (6’0”) – 89 kg (196 lbs). Green eyes. Brown hair.

Francis Wetherill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is a dynamic and ambitious politician who serves as the head of the British government and for the Queen. He is noted for his progressive policies, including as the implementation of a minimum wage and substantial investment in public services like as healthcare and education.

Wetherill’s strong support for the Global Defense Initiative, on the other hand, sparked outrage among countries aligned with the Brotherhood of Nod, with the Union Jack frequently being burned in front of UK embassies.

He submitted a proposal they should get a pool full of dolphins with fookin’ laser beams attached to their heads. The plan in question was quickly dismissed. Despite this, his influence on British politics and his role in modernizing the Labour Party cannot be ignored, and he continues to reshape the political landscape of the United Kingdom.

This is a struggle between the free and democratic world and terrorism, not between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. England’s not sleeping off. God save the Queen.

Prime Minister Wetherill
Yuri Kolenkov

Occupation: Prime Minister of Slovak Republic.
Stats: Slovakia. Male. Mid 50’s. 186 cm (6’1”) – 90 kg (198 lbs). Blue eyes. Brown hair.

Prime Minister Yuri Kolenkov, who led the government from 1993 to 1994 and again from 1994 to the present, is a divisive figure in Slovak politics.

He is renowned for his firm leadership style and his initiatives to forge Slovakia into a powerful, independent country when it broke away from the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, Kolenkov’s tenure in office has been tainted by political unrest and charges of authoritarianism, and he is now under fire for the way he has handled the media, the judiciary, and other key institutions.

Despite his popularity with some sections of the populace, the people of Slovakia view his term as a prime minister as trying and turbulent times.

♫ Saying goodbye to Nod, I will never abandon you, I will never hurt you, and I will never hurt any of you ♪

Prime Minister Kolenkov

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Over the years, the YEO-CA Cola Corporation has expanded its product line to offer varieties beyond their flagship classic green. From zesty blueberry blends and sparkling clear lime energy drinks, YEO-CA Cola has something for everyone. It’s tiberlicious!

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Big Willie’s School of Harvester Drivers

Without a grade school diploma?
Speak little or no English? ¿No hablo inglés?

You’ve got the ambition and you’re a dedicated hard worker, but you just can’t find a job. Feel like you could drive through a missile barrage unscathed, but nobody will give you a chance to prove it? Well, at Big Willie’s School of Harvester Drivers we’re willing to give you the skills you’ll need to become a fully qualified licensed Harvester driver.

After completing our high intensity, skill-oriented, twelve minute lesson in harvester operation, you’ll be ready to make the big bucks. Learn all the important things like:

  • How to avoid driving over your co-workers.
  • Compete in tractor pulls or mud bogs – and win!
  • How not to get lost on your way to the refinery.
  • Fun things to do while waiting for your favorite refinery to come free.
  • How to use your dash compass to keep your beer from spilling!

And many more!

Just picture yourself sitting on top of the world in your comfortable air-conditioned cab complete with a fully stocked refrigerator and cable TV. You’re going to be having so much fun you’ll want to drive all over the map!

But don’t take our word for it!
Listen to some of our most recent candidates who are enjoying the good life as Harvester drivers today:

Hey! My name’s Kurtis and I am a fully licensed harvester driver. Right after me and ma sister got married, I realized we wuz gonna have ta move outta ma parents’ house. I needed a job that paid! So I went to Big Willie and asked him to help.
He told me that I was the perfect candidate to drive one of them there harvesters. Now I make so much money I can even
afford real beer instead of that crappy imported stuff.

Another recent graduate states:

After losing my re-election bid I realized that I couldn’t go back to Arkansas, what with all the legal trouble I’m in… so me and the little woman both decided to be harvester drivers. I really like it because with everybody hurrying to get out of my way, I feel relevant again. It’s difficult to take one through the drive-thru at McBurger, but I found if I go around the block a couple of times to get up enough speed, I can usually make it. Thanks Big Willie!

As a member of the union, you make the rules and you decide the path to take. Remember, the longer you drive the more money you earn. Heck, you even get paid for sitting around! Can you imagine a better life?

Call Big Willie today!
Ex-UN peacekeepers receive 10% off!
Mail order classes available.
(No provable affiliation to Big Willie’s Life Insurance Co. or Big Willie’s Funeral Homes.)

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In the volatile world of conflict between GDI and Nod, the safety and protection of civilians have become paramount concerns. Unenlisted civilians, going about their daily lives in mission-critical areas, find themselves caught in the crossfire, unwittingly becoming pawns in the struggle for power and control.

For GDI, safeguarding the lives of civilians is not only a moral imperative but also an integral part of their mission. Recognizing the vulnerability of these individuals, GDI deploys specialized teams to ensure their safety, providing aid, evacuation, and assistance during times of crisis. GDI soldiers are trained to prioritize the protection of innocent lives, going above and beyond to shield civilians from harm’s way.

However, the Brotherhood of Nod, known for its ruthless tactics, takes a vastly different approach. Seeing unenlisted civilians as potential sources of information or leverage against GDI, Nod captures and subjects them to their insidious Faith Reconstruction program. This program, designed to break the will and reshape the beliefs of its captives, inflicts mental and physical torment, manipulating their loyalty and turning them into pawns of Nod’s propaganda machine.

Under the influence of Nod’s twisted gospel, these subjugated civilians may unknowingly spread anti-GDI sentiments, further fueling the conflict. Their once-innocent voices become corrupted, disseminating false information and sowing seeds of distrust among the population. Nod’s relentless campaign of indoctrination aims to end public support for GDI, destabilizing the very foundation of order and security that GDI strives to uphold.

The plight of unenlisted civilians caught in the conflict serves as a stark reminder of the high stakes involved in the struggle between GDI and Nod. It reinforces GDI’s resolve to protect the innocent, expose the truth, and restore peace and stability to the world. Through their efforts, GDI aims to ensure that no civilian remains a victim of Nod’s insidious propaganda machine, bringing an end to the suffering and forging a path towards a brighter, more secure future for all.


This is a squirrel. It is often drunk and foul-mouthed. Some feel it is not a waste of ammunition, though animal rights activists would disagree.


This is a chicken. If provoked enough, it will attack back in swarms. Save your ammunition for better targets.


This is a seagull. Watch out for their dive-bombing attacks. Avoid unnecessary use of ammunition.


This is a scorpion, the symbol of Nod. Watch their deadly close-range attack.


This is a hawk, the symbol of GDI. Do not waste your ammo.


This is a rat. Expect little resistance.


This is a hedgehog. It is fast and spiny. Use your ammo on the enemy.


This is a pigeon. You are wasting your ammunition.


This is a common house fly. Try shooting one for a party trick.


This is a cockroach. Tiberium seems to have only a minor effect on them.