Electronic Video Agent database indicates the following:

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.

Niccolò Machiavelli


After the Second World War, the United Nations started a several-year review of all the information gathered from the war. When this review was eventually completed, the delegates of the UN began the formation of a Peace Corps capable of covertly dealing with anything from minor ethnic unrests and small terrorist factions to a situation involving a state of worldwide emergency as defined in the UN review of World War II.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the United Nations outlined the purpose of the secret Peace Corps and stated a number of other policies regarding its activities, which are still classified today.

The United Nations continued to review many pages of documents, diaries, taped conversations, and retrieved items left over from WWII in a bid to incorporate the gathered intelligence into the organizational structure of the new Peace Corps to further increase its military potential and overall efficiency.

The Peace Corps became active under the designation “Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9”. It would eventually be the ominous operation “Desert Storm” that would officially reveal the existence of Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9, and their purpose as a specialized international peace-enforcing unit.
Eventually, this new and secretive peacekeeping force became the best equipped and most efficient military organization on Earth, utilizing state-of-the-art, high-tech weaponry and equipment.

When the international media discovered that the attempted assassination of Saddam Hussein by OGE-BO9 (in a covert effort to prevent the outbreak of the Gulf War) was a complete failure, resulting in the deaths of a large number of agents, OGE-BO9’s first contact with the general public was a catastrophe. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be too soon before the UN would be in the press again, this time to officially announce the existence and purpose of the organization and to come together one more time to rewrite the proposal of the late 1950s.

In accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA), the Global Defense Initiative was founded on October 12th, 1995.

The UN proposal stated the following:

The Global Defense Initiative was founded to enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act and uphold the ideals outlined in the United Nations Charter.

Their Supreme Commander became the American Brigadier-General Mark Jamison Sheppard. By taking the organization out of the shadows and thus giving the public an insight into its activities and purpose, the speculations and rumors ended, and trust in the UN’s peacekeeping unit was largely restored.

Soon after the announcement of the newly formed Global Defense Initiative, an unusual meteor was detected impacting Earth near the Tiber river banks in Italy.

A German-born scientist by the name of Dr. Möbius would find the meteor and discover that it was the carrier of an alien plant-like lifeform. Afterwards, he took it back to his lab in the United States to have it undergo a series of tests.

After several months of research, Möbius began to see the inherent danger that this alien plant represented. He would study the plant as it mutated and evolved in the laboratory garden and videotape what was occurring. Within 14 days of planting the seeds of the Tiberium specimens he recovered from Italy, they had in fact taken over the entire garden. This shocked the scientists, who began to wonder about the Tiberium’s origins.

As with many other governments and companies worldwide, the Global Defense Initiative attempted to buy off the harvesting techniques from the Brotherhood for astronomical prices. Eventually leasing its harvesting equipment to the highest bidders, mainly the G7 nations, Nod made sure to maintain its position as a monopolist on the rapidly increasing Tiberium resources, gaining immense financial resources. In the light of Tiberium’s boundless possibilities, the world turned blind to its dangers.

With the discovery of Tiberium, the world drastically changed in terms of economics, politics, technology, and the environment. Many began to perceive the Brotherhood of Nod and thus its strongman Kane as the direct reason for these cultural and technological advancements, even more so than the Tiberium itself. In the eyes of the people, the Brotherhood of Nod turned Tiberium from a curse into a blessing, and Nod’s popularity and public support worldwide had begun increasing rapidly over the years.

By the time the United Nations realized what kind of situation the Brotherhood of Nod was setting up, it was already too late. UN politicians were shocked to see Kane revealing himself as an absolute political and strategic genius with an ability to sway masses in a way the world had never before seen.

Kane began to hold the capitalistic democracy of the UN directly responsible for all of mankind’s existing misery, accusing it and its policies of halting the coming of the new Tiberian era to satisfy the corrupt needs of the few regardless of the suffering of the many.

Particularly in Third World nations but effectively on a global scale as well, Kane’s followers started to increase exponentially, with people of all nationalities and social standings beginning to worship him as a living messiah destined to lead mankind into a Tiberian future. As the situation progressed and Kane’s abnormal intelligence and charisma became undeniable to the world, highly educated citizens and even political officials began sharing the public’s feelings and started perceiving Kane as an actual prophet, joining him while offering the Brotherhood all of their personal and professional support.

Sanctioned by the United Nations, the Global Defense Initiative has one goal: to eliminate multinational terrorism in an effort to preserve freedom.
It also looked like the Brotherhood had obtained several weapons and technologies employed by GDI.
As a result, the Global Defense Initiative found itself on the battlefield, with many of its own weapons being deployed against it. Who will emerge victorious in this worldwide war of attrition?

Among the many, one soldier stands out from the rest. What is his name?
Meet Jack “Havoc” Sheppard, the GDI Elite Forces commando who’s ready to rock like no other.
In the heat of battle, Jack’s name echoes through the ranks. He’s a force to be reckoned with, embodying the spirit of a true war hero.
Whether fighting against the forces of chaos or seeking to protect what everyone holds dear, Jack is your man. It’s time to rock ‘n roll.


April 12, 1996
Location: Arumäe, Estonia, 0300 hours
(This is a tutorial mission.)
It’s the deep in the night and it’s pitch black. The objective is to get in the Nod base without too much noise and download the data from the Nod Comm Centers’s main console and then sabotage the main console, rendering it inoperative. Once Jack has done that, he must escape the base and evac via GDI Chinook helicopter.
(Based on RG Cut Mission)

August 12, 1996
Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic, 0800 hours
We received an emergency transmission from Col Carter, but we’re not sure of the true objective. Jack must destroy any SAM Sites and opposing soldiers, and reach the Nod base without getting killed. Use your marksman skills and the take Black Hawk to find the Nod base and blow up a building of your choice. Then the mission will change to OP: DESTROY.
(Based on GDI Mission 6)

August 12, 1996
Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic, 1300 hours
GDI reinforcements have arrived and Jack returns to the base. Then it’s up to Jack and the rest to destroy all Nod presence in the area. Destroying the Runway will prevent Nod from delivering their own reinforcements with the cargo plane.
(Based on GDI Mission 7)

August 23, 1996
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia, 1400 hours
Dr. Möbius has established a hospital near the Brataslavan border village to help civilians affected by invading Tiberium mutations, including Blossom Trees, Visceroids and Veinholes. Protect Dr. Möbius, the hospital and the civilians from harm. Get to the Nod base and level it to the ground to restore safety in the area.
(Based on GDI Mission 8B)

April 29, 1997
Location: Eger, Hungary, 2000 hours
GDI is trying to break through a Nod stronghold, but they’ve hit a bottleneck near the beach. Jack asssists GDI forces to get the the base with his marksman skills. Destroy the Gun Turrets and rescue the POWs in the Nod base.
(Based on GDI ’97 SPECIAL OPS 01)

July 13, 1998
Location: Somewhere in the Pacific, 1800 hours
Taking off from Nod Runway, Jack hijacks a Nod cargo plane. He stuns the Nod Pilot inside and flies it towards a GDI air base. But acquaintance from the past has has betrayed Jack and shot the plane down. Stranded in a tropical island, you’ve come across a Nod base that is experimenting with geothermal energy. The Nod comm center is jamming GDI communications in the area, so you can’t radio in to give your position. See if it’s possible to find any clues about the good doctor inside the base. Once Jack has downloaded the data, your old friend Sakura shows up again. Time for a boss fight. Take the Apache on the helipad and engage her Comanche in a chopper-to-chopper dogfight. The aftermath of the battle has angered Mother Nature, and the volcano will erupt any time soon. Find a way to escape the island and get the hell out of there before it blows.
(Based on RG Mission 3)

July 14, 1998
Location: Somewhere in the Pacific, 0200 hours
Jack has snuck on a large Nod cargo ship that is full of armed guards, volatile materials and various contraband. Its final destination is unknown. This is a timed mission. It will be a while before it gets there. Jack has to use his expertise in stealth and demolitions to get around the ship. Sabotage machinery on the ship to buy more time. If you see any POWs, escort them to safety after you’re done with everything else.
(Based on RG Mission 4)

November 2, 1998
Location: Hammerfest, Norway, 1100 hours
Jack is escorting a GDI convoy through a cold, rocky terrain with the Orca. Watch out for Nod ambushes. Use the Orca Lift Truck to refuel and rearm weapons.
(Based on RG Cut Mission/(GDI Mission 10)

November 5, 1998
Location: Vossevangen, Norway, 1600 hours
Jack is piloting an Orca jet in the skies. The objective is to destroy a small Nod base located in the deep end of a canyon that is transmitting a tracking signal. Take out any Nod air units and defenses along the way.
(Based on RG Cut Mission)

December 8, 1998
Location: Corinth, Greece, 1400 hours
Jack must rescue Agent R.Delphi. Defend the GDI base from waves of attacks, then steal a Nod uniform and hijack a Nod cargo truck. Drive it the Nod base’s checkpoint and eliminate the Nod Officer afterwards to get his keycard. Use the keycard to enter the Nod Comm Center and download the location data from the Main Console, then destroy the Comm Center which is jamming GDI communications in the area. Destroy the SAM Sites and a Chinook will sent to Jack’s location. Use the GDI Chinook to evacuate Agent Delphi, who is hiding in a church for safety in the east. Rescuing Delphi will give Gen Solomon critical ínfo of Kane’s whereabouts.
(Based on GDI Mission 11)

March 15, 1999
Location: Shkodër, Albania, 1400 hours
General Raveshaw is trying to capture Dr. Möbius. A Chinook is inbound to rescue the doctor, but the LZ is too hot and the chopper gets shot down by a SAM. Jack must defend the badly damaged GDI base with the Mammoth Tank. A Nod Officer is holding villagers as hostage in the nearby village church. Before you can proceed, destroy the SAM Sites in the area but watch for the Obelisk of Light. Then evac the good doctor with the GDI Chinook.
(Based on GDI Mission 12)

July 31, 2000
Location: Pljevlja, Yugoslavia, 0100 hours
General Raveshaw has sent an assassin to eliminate Jack Sheppard. It’s The Black Hand extremist, Carlos Mendoza, who enjoys receiving pain as much he enjoys causing it.
Only one man survive, and Mendoza is one tough nut to crack.
Then, a familiar chopper appears. Sakura! Jack thought she was gone. Back from dead, she is here to assist you killing off this loony Latino.
After all, there is no sisterhood in the Brotherhood.
(Based on RG Mission 7)

November 2, 2000
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 0400 hours
Destroy Gen Ravenshaw’s Mobile HQ with Col Morelli’s A-10 airstrike, and while his forces are in disarray, get to the Nod base and infiltrate the Temple of Nod. This is a timed mission. Eliminate Kane’s Black Hand officers swarming within the temple and place a radio transmitter before the Temple launches a nuclear missile. Then get out ASAP and watch as the Temple is destroyed by the Ion Cannon’s beam.
(Based on GDI Mission 15)
(Roll credits.)


(These mission are unlocked after completing the game.)

March 7, 2000
Location: TOP SECRET, 1000 hours
Take the X-0 Power Armor Suit for a spin. Use remote controlled Humvees as target practice.
(Based on Tiberian Sun teaser video)

April 22, 1996
Location: Budapest, Hungary, 0200 hours
This is a timed mission. Jack and Sakura must destroy Nod Power Plants in the area before the construction of Nod Obelisk is completed. Protect the GDI Mobile ConYard. Then, all hostile Nod forces must be wiped out.
(Based on GDI Covert Ops: Blackout)

April 26, 1996
Location: Craiova, Romania, 0600 hours
With help of other GDI troops, Jack must retrive the stolen liquid Tiberium. A civilian is asking his old wife to be rescued from a church where she is being held hostage by a Nod Officer. Get the Tiberium and evacuate the civvies with the GDI Chinook.
(Based on GDI Covert Ops: Elemental Imperative)

April 22, 1996
Location: Kafia Kingi, Sudan, 2100 hours
Jack must eliminate the Nod rocket troops and SAM Sites so that Gen Solomon can send in Engineers to capture the west Nod base in that location. The Nod base located in the east side also must be captured ASAP. The base is guarded by an Obelisk of Light. Once the base in control, additional Engineers will arrive for capturing the Nod base in north. Get the Chinook past the SAM Sites and help the Engineers capture the base. Then, finish off by wiping all Nod presence in the area.
(Based on GDI Covert Ops: Blindsided)

May 2, 2000
Location: Bertoua, Cameroon, 0900 hours
Jack must defend the GDI base from Nod attacks. Gen Raveshaw is throwing everything they got, including Ezekiel’s Wheels and nukes at the GDI base.
(Based on Nod Covert Ops: Bad Neighborhood)

June 7, 2000
Location: Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine, 1700 hours
With the help of Carlos Mendoza, Sakura must inflitrate the GDI base and help Gen Raveshaw to re-establish Nod presence in the area. Take the Comanche chopper to make your task easier. GDI is attacking a Nod-aligned village, rescue the villagers with a captured GDI Chinook and collect the donations from the church. Wipe out all remainning GDI forces.
(Based on Nod Covert Ops: Deceit)

June 29, 2000
Location: Mzuzu, Tanzania, 0800 hours
Using the Ezekiel’s Wheel, Sakura inflitrates a heavily defended GDI base guarded by Mammoth Tanks, Adv Guard Towers and Power Suits. Get inside the GDI Adv Comm Center, download the data and destroy the building afterwards.
(Based on Nod Covert Ops: Nod Death Squad)

April 1, 1998
Location: Mojave Desert, Nevada, 1300 hours
You have just been laid off without a month’s pay from Weirdis. Your former bosses have hired you, Frankekill mercenaries to protect them. You and eleven other former employees are to build all your base and wipe them out!
We have made special modifications to your Orcas to aid you in your quest for great justice.
(Based on GDI PATSUX)

June 29, 1999
Location: CLASSIFIED, 0600 hours
Nod is experimenting with Tiberium and turning civilians into mutants. Jack must destroy the SAM Sites so that Col Morelli can deploy an A-10 airstrike to destroy the Obelisk. Defend the GDI MCY and assist Gen Solomon to deploy the base. Infiltrate (Ion Cannon transmitter) or destroy (C4) the Bio-Lab to finish the mission.
(Based on GDI ’99 SPECIAL OPS M1)

July 4, 1999
Location: CLASSIFIED, 1900 hours
Jack is being held captive in a Nod prison facility. Escape towards the surface and hold out until GDI reinforcements arrive.
(Based on GDI ’99 SPECIAL OPS M2)

July 22, 1999
Location: CLASSIFIED, 2300 hours
Sakura must infiltrate the GDI base and transport the nuclear materials with a Cargo Truck to safety. First, create a diversion by assisting Nod troops to attack the GDI-aligned village.
(Based on Nod ’99 SPECIAL OPS M1)


2002. The Tiberium War is over. The Brotherhood of Nod base found in [REDACTED] was destroyed in an all-out attack by Global Defense Initiative. The Temple of Nod was struck by an Ion Cannon strike, vaporizing most of the exterior of the Temple in ether. However, the of body of Kane was never located, but UN forensic experts assure that the madman is gone for good.

But it came with with a price. In retaliation, remmants of Nod zealots had pinpointed the location of the secret UN headquarters in [REDACTED] and destroyed it in a devastating missile attack, resulting in the death of many important UN officials, with several more found injured. The biggest and tragic loss was the death of Supreme Commander Mark J. Sheppard.

To prevent such occurence ever happening again, the UN, backed by private investors, has initiated the space program codenamed “Philadelphia” which constitutes the construction of an orbital GDI command center beyond the reach of any known weapon. Leading engineers expect its construction to be finished before 2030, with General James Solomon assuming his position as the new Supreme Commander.

What came of M.J. Sheppard’s [REDACTED] Jack “Havoc” Sheppard, remains to be seen.

It may be a period of peace, but danger is always lurking around the corner. Tiberium continues to spread, extending its reach around the globe. Plans are underway to evacuate civilians and VIPs to safe havens in areas that are yet to be affected by Tiberium.

To Be Continued in…

Tiberian Sun