Electronic Video Agent database indicates the following:

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.

Niccolò Machiavelli


After the Second World War, the United Nations started a several-year review of all the information gathered from the war. When this review was eventually completed, the delegates of the UN began the formation of a Peace Corps capable of covertly dealing with anything from minor ethnic unrests and small terrorist factions to a situation involving a state of worldwide emergency as defined in the UN review of World War II.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the United Nations outlined the purpose of the secret Peace Corps and stated a number of other policies regarding its activities, which are still classified today.

The United Nations continued to review many pages of documents, diaries, taped conversations, and retrieved items left over from WWII in a bid to incorporate the gathered intelligence into the organizational structure of the new Peace Corps to further increase its military potential and overall efficiency.

The Peace Corps became active under the designation “Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9”. It would eventually be the ominous operation “Desert Storm” that would officially reveal the existence of Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9, and their purpose as a specialized international peace-enforcing unit.
Eventually, this new and secretive peacekeeping force became the best equipped and most efficient military organization on Earth, utilizing state-of-the-art, high-tech weaponry and equipment.

When the international media discovered that the attempted assassination of Saddam Hussein by OGE-BO9 (in a covert effort to prevent the outbreak of the Gulf War) was a complete failure, resulting in the deaths of a large number of agents, OGE-BO9’s first contact with the general public was a catastrophe. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be too soon before the UN would be in the press again, this time to officially announce the existence and purpose of the organization and to come together one more time to rewrite the proposal of the late 1950s.

In accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA), the Global Defense Initiative was founded on October 12th, 1995.

The UN proposal stated the following:

The Global Defense Initiative was founded to enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act and uphold the ideals outlined in the United Nations Charter.

Their Supreme Commander became the American Brigadier-General Mark Jamison Sheppard. By taking the organization out of the shadows and thus giving the public an insight into its activities and purpose, the speculations and rumors ended, and trust in the UN’s peacekeeping unit was largely restored.

Soon after the announcement of the newly formed Global Defense Initiative, an unusual meteor was detected impacting Earth near the Tiber river banks in Italy.

A German-born scientist by the name of Dr. Möbius would find the meteor and discover that it was the carrier of an alien plant-like lifeform. Afterwards, he took it back to his lab in the United States to have it undergo a series of tests.

After several months of research, Möbius began to see the inherent danger that this alien plant represented. He would study the plant as it mutated and evolved in the laboratory garden and videotape what was occurring. Within 14 days of planting the seeds of the Tiberium specimens he recovered from Italy, they had in fact taken over the entire garden. This shocked the scientists, who began to wonder about the Tiberium’s origins.

As with many other governments and companies worldwide, the Global Defense Initiative attempted to buy off the harvesting techniques from the Brotherhood for astronomical prices. Eventually leasing its harvesting equipment to the highest bidders, mainly the G7 nations, Nod made sure to maintain its position as a monopolist on the rapidly increasing Tiberium resources, gaining immense financial resources. In the light of Tiberium’s boundless possibilities, the world turned blind to its dangers.

With the discovery of Tiberium, the world drastically changed in terms of economics, politics, technology, and the environment. Many began to perceive the Brotherhood of Nod and thus its strongman Kane as the direct reason for these cultural and technological advancements, even more so than the Tiberium itself. In the eyes of the people, the Brotherhood of Nod turned Tiberium from a curse into a blessing, and Nod’s popularity and public support worldwide had begun increasing rapidly over the years.

By the time the United Nations realized what kind of situation the Brotherhood of Nod was setting up, it was already too late. UN politicians were shocked to see Kane revealing himself as an absolute political and strategic genius with an ability to sway masses in a way the world had never before seen.

Kane began to hold the capitalistic democracy of the UN directly responsible for all of mankind’s existing misery, accusing it and its policies of halting the coming of the new Tiberian era to satisfy the corrupt needs of the few regardless of the suffering of the many.

Particularly in Third World nations but effectively on a global scale as well, Kane’s followers started to increase exponentially, with people of all nationalities and social standings beginning to worship him as a living messiah destined to lead mankind into a Tiberian future. As the situation progressed and Kane’s abnormal intelligence and charisma became undeniable to the world, highly educated citizens and even political officials began sharing the public’s feelings and started perceiving Kane as an actual prophet, joining him while offering the Brotherhood all of their personal and professional support.

Sanctioned by the United Nations, the Global Defense Initiative has one goal: to eliminate multinational terrorism in an effort to preserve freedom.
It also looked like the Brotherhood had obtained several weapons and technologies employed by GDI.
As a result, the Global Defense Initiative found itself on the battlefield, with many of its own weapons being deployed against it. Who will emerge victorious in this worldwide war of attrition?

Among the many, one soldier stands out from the rest. What is his name?
Meet Jack “Havoc” Sheppard, the GDI Elite Forces commando who’s ready to rock like no other.
In the heat of battle, Jack’s name echoes through the ranks. He’s a force to be reckoned with, embodying the spirit of a true war hero.
Whether fighting against the forces of chaos or seeking to protect what everyone holds dear, Jack is your man. It’s time to rock ‘n roll.