Game Modes

Electronic Video Agent database indicates the following:
Single Player Campaign

In single player mode, you take the role of a GDI commando called Jack “Havoc” Sheppard. Your Commander will assign you different kinds of missions, including demolitions and eliminating enemy forces.


In Skirmish, the objective is to destroy all enemy units and structures. Commanders can build structures and assign other player their own missions. The Commander who manages to destroy the enemy is victorius.

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Flag, each Commander has a flag that is attached to Mobile Construction Yard vehicle.
When Commander starts building the base, the flag drops down in front of the construction yard.
The enemy flag is picked up by going inside the enemy’s pickup zone and when the flag is delivered to friendly pickup zone, they gain a point for capturing the flag. Note that picking up the flag can slow down the carrier unit. The faction with most points wins.

  • Can a team pick up and move their own flag?
  • Does picking a flag cause the unit to slow down?
  • Can an unit carrying a flag use weapons?
  • Does a team lose a point when their own flag is captured?
Mobile HQ Assault

In Mobile Headquarters Assault, there are no bases. The objective is to eliminate the enemy Commander while protecting your own Commander. If the Mobile HQ vehicle is destroyed and thus the Commander dies, your mission is over.

Multiplayer Campaign

In the Multiplayer Campaign, the action focuses on the global conflict between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. Players must cooperate in order to effectively finish the mission objectives. Mission involve such tasks as setting up and guarding a base and enemy base assaults.

Sole Survivor

In Sole Survivor, players pick any attack unit of their choice. The goal is to destroy all other players. Collect powerups to make your unit stronger. The last unit standing wins.


The player with the most kills wins. Only infantry is selectable. This mode can be played solo or in versus teams (GDI vs. Nod).

King of the Hill

Everyone else versus KOTH. The leading player (King of the Hill) gets a damage boost. Most points wins.

VIP Escort

The VIP (eg. Dr. Möbius) stands around pondering idly until somebody runs up and nudges them. They will then follow. Escort the VIP to safety for a points reward. The VIP will then teleport back to neutral territory. The faction with most points wins.

  • Whether or not VIP can take damage?
  • Limit the speed of VIP? Expressed as a percentage of normal maximum speed.

Game starts with one Mutant, and the rest of the players are Regulars.
Regulars have a limited number of lives.
When a Regular loses his last life, they become a Mutant (Visceroid/Shiner/Dinosaur).
The last Regular alive is the winner.
When the game restarts, a player is randomly selected to be the new Mutant.