Super Weapons

Electronic Video Agent database indicates the following:

Type: Airstrike reinforcement
Mass: N/A Kg
Accuracy: ****
Firepower: *****
Range: ******
Rate of fire: **
Prerequisite: GDI Communications Center

When the call for superior firepower is made, GDI’s A-10 Warthog takes to the wild blue yonder, ready for a decisive Airstrike upon the designated target. Upon receiving the coordinates of the target area, the aircraft awakens to life, its massive turbines spewing forth raw power as it takes off.

Flying in a tight formation, they approach the designated area, with their wings slicing through the air as they fly at ground-hugging altitudes. At the critical moment, the pilot initiates the attack sequence. High explosive bombs are released, whistling towards the earth. Then guided missiles are launched, streaking through the sky with deadly accuracy. They seek out their targets, homing in on enemy vehicles, fortifications, and strategic positions, reducing them to smoldering ruins.

As the Warthogs complete their attack run, they ascend back into the blue skies. Their mission is accomplished, but their impact lingers. The enemy is left reeling, their defenses shattered, and their morale crushed.

A sense of renewed hope fills GDI soldiers on the ground, inspired by the might of the A-10A “Warthog” Thunderbolt II, press forward with increased determination. When the cannon roars and the earth rumbles at their very feet, they know the Airstrike is their venerable savior.

Ion Cannon

Type: Orbital ion cannon
Mass: N/A Kg
Accuracy: *****
Firepower: ******
Range: ******
Rate of fire: *
Prerequisite: Advanced Communications Center

The Global Defense Matrix is a network of orbital Ion Cannon satellites codenamed Akira, stands as the crown jewel of the Global Defense Initiative’s arsenal. With its unparalleled destructive power, it is capable of stacking the odds in GDI’s favor in a blink of an eye.

At the heart of this formidable weapon system lies the Ion Cannon, a technological marvel that harnesses the power of ionizing free radicals to unleash devastating energy upon its targets. When the command is given, the orbital satellites align themselves with precision, their massive solar arrays capturing and channeling the raw energy of the Sun. As the Ion Cannon charges, a surge of immense power builds within the satellite network. When the moment arrives, the Ion Cannon fires with blinding intensity. A searing beam of concentrated energy streaks across the sky. In a matter of seconds, entire armies are reduced to ash, and fortifications crumble to dust.

However, the experimental nature of the Ion Cannon also comes with potential risks. The immense energy unleashed by the pulses of the weapon has the capacity to inadvertently induce heavy storms and flooding in the surrounding areas. GDI recognizes the need for caution and discretion when deploying the Ion Cannon, as the misuse of its power could result in unintended consequences for both allies and civilians caught in the crossfire.

The responsibility of activating the Ion Cannon lies in the hands of highly trained and skilled personnel within the Global Defense Initiative. The decision of priming the weapon is never taken lightly, as the consequences of its deployment reverberate far beyond the intended target.

The devastating power of the Ion Cannon is a testament to GDI’s commitment to protecting humanity and maintaining global stability. It serves as a powerful deterrent against any who would jeopardize the fragile peace that exists in the world. The sheer force and efficiency of the weapon make it a game-changer on the battlefield, capable of swiftly neutralizing even the most formidable enemy forces.

Parachute Bombs

Type: Parabomb airstrike
Mass: N/A Kg
Accuracy: **
Firepower: *****
Range: *****
Rate of fire: **
Prerequisite: Nod Communications Center

This unique and deadly arsenal combines the elements of surprise, precision, and destructive power to carry out pre-emptive strikes against GDI bases and other infrastructure deemed hostile by the Brotherhood. Attached to parachutes, these high explosive bombs descend from the skies with a slow and ominous glide, reminiscent of vultures circling their prey.

Deployed by the agile and versatile Sukhoi “Flanker-B” Su-27SK, they embody the covert prowess of the Brotherhood. Manned by skilled pilots who have sworn allegiance to the Brotherhood’s cause, the Sukhois become instruments of destruction, executing their missions with deadly precision.

As the Sukhois approach their targets, with deft maneuvers, they release the bombs, each one descending gracefully from the aircraft, their parachutes unfurling to slow their descent. The slow and deliberate descent of the Parachute Bombs is a psychological weapon in itself. The enemy watches in anticipation as these lethal payloads inch closer to the ground, their impending doom hanging in the air. Time seems to stretch as the enemy’s nerves become taut, their anticipation mixed with dread.

However, their is not without its risks. Their slow descent and predictable trajectory make them vulnerable to anti-aircraft defenses and countermeasures. The Sukhoi pilots must navigate hostile skies, evading enemy fire and deploying their deadly payloads with split-second timing.

The Parachute Bombs symbolize the Brotherhood’s capacity for destruction, their slow gliding death a reminder that the balance of power can shift in an instant. The war between GDI and Nod escalates, and the outcome hangs in the delicate balance of each calculated strike.

Nuclear Missile

Type: Nuclear Bomb
Mass: 6780 Kg
Accuracy: ****
Firepower: ******
Range: ******
Rate of fire: *
Prerequisite: Temple of Nod

Launched from the depths of the Temple, the Nuclear Missile stands as the ultimate testament of Kane’s fury. Within its warhead lies a cataclysmic force capable of bringing about the Judgement Day.

Surrounded by layers of reinforced concrete and cutting-edge security measures, it remains concealed from prying eyes and protected from any attempts at sabotage. Once the launch sequence is initiated, the massive missile emerges from the depths of the silo, propelled by powerful rockets that propel it towards the gates of Heaven and back to the kingdom of God.

When it reaches its designated target, a series of complex mechanisms activate, triggering the detonation process. With a blinding flash that tears through the sky, followed by a thunderous shockwave and an inferno of scorching flames, the destructive force of the nuclear bomb is unleashed. The sheer magnitude of the blast ensures that nothing within its radius is left unscathed, as buildings crumble, the earth shakes, and a tempest of devastation engulfs the surrounding area.

Hell on Earth – the fallout from the detonation produces a cloud of burning soot and lethal nuclear radiation, rendering the affected region inhospitable and uninhabitable. The air becomes toxic, water sources are contaminated, and the land becomes a desolate wasteland.

Beyond the physical destruction, the blast generates electromagnetic pulses (EMP) that unleash havoc on sensitive electronics. Advanced communication systems, defense mechanisms, and critical infrastructure are rendered useless, plunging the enemy into chaos and leaving them vulnerable to further Nod attacks. The devastating power of the Nuclear Missile extends far beyond the immediate impact zone, crippling the enemy’s ability to retaliate.